The Future of Health & Wellness

3 Bold Predictions About the Consumer Health & Wellness Industry in 2022 and Beyond

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Prediction 1

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Prediction 2

“In a rational insurance world, people would pay out of pocket for inexpensive services and rely on insurance to pay for expenses that are large and rare,” he says. “The typical employer plan, however, does just the opposite.”

Doctor assisting patient with reading health data from wearable device. Purchased via iStock
Veri Continuous Glucose Monitor, an “app to connect the dots” — Screenshot taken from

Prediction 3

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Global Mental Health Care Software and Services Market research study by Data Bridge Market Research, July 2020

More on this last point: Imagine going to the gym and logging into the equipment you’re familiar with to continue regimens you began at home. These connected exercise machines will eventually supplement personal trainers and studio classes as gym chains begin to create their own content for equipment partnerships, encourage coaches to customize their clients’ programming via connected hardware, and deploy exercise challenges that increase retention via gamification — all while bridging the gap between at-home and in-studio experiences.

Consumer Trends 2022 Research by The New Consumer x Coefficient Capital




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Jess Schram

Health & Wellness Investor @Swiftarc Ventures, formerly at 14W and Lerer Hippeau. All thoughts are my own.