Startup Spotlight: Generation Conscious

A introduction to a sustainable personal care and laundry company that’s committed to environmental justice

From Passion to Profession

Though co-founders Matthew Rosenbaum and Greg Genco first met at Amherst College during undergrad, they didn’t start Generation Conscious until early 2019 when Greg called Matt with the idea. Prior to forming the company, Greg worked at UBS as a HY Trading Desk Analyst and later as an entrepreneur, creating a platform to augment collaboration between artists and corporations in the media space. Matt, on the other hand, began his career in media, first at ABC World News and then on the 16-episode climate change documentary series, “Year of Living Dangerously”. During this time, Matt grew more passionate about environmental sustainability and began to see it as a problem he felt a personal responsibility to address. It was through this experience — documenting stories of the deteriorating planet — that drove Matt to found Generation Conscious full-time with Greg and to make his transition to Columbia Business School.

Product Evolution & Early Traction

Left to right: Greg Genco (CEO & CoFounder), Lily Saporta Tagiuri (Chief Product Officer), Matt Rosenbaum (COO & Co-Founder)
Preview: Generation Conscious soap strips

What’s Next

Generation Conscious is relaunching in the spring on three college campuses — one of which has already committed to buying a month’s supply of detergent sheets for its entire student body. From there, Generation Conscious will install its refill stations across the campuses and introduce its tablet products in the coming months.



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Jess Schram

Health & Wellness Investor @Swiftarc Ventures, formerly at 14W and Lerer Hippeau. All thoughts are my own.